Podcast: Scott McRae

From E Street and stage theatre to travelling around the countryside, Scott McRae is a man of many talents.

You may know Scott McRae from when you were growing up, or even performing a cover of an Easybeats tune. The talented actor, presenter, producer, singer and host has a stellar career under his belt.

From appearing in Channel 10’s soap E Street, taking the reigns of the children’s TV quiz show Vidiot, popping up in Channel 7’s All Saints and working behind and in front of the camera for A Taste Of Travel, when McRae is not on screen, he’s on stage performing in a musical, or touring with his Stevie Wright tribute band show.

Oztalgia got on the blower to praise his efforts and influence, and to find out a little more about how McRae got to where he is today.

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