The Castle (1997)

The everyday man defends his right to protect his home against corporate greed in Working Dog‘s first foray into film.

The team behind ABC’s The Late ShowFrontline, D-Generation and Funky Squad produce a film that capture the everyday Australian hero. The Kerrigan family live in a simple board home adjacent to a busy Melbourne airport, surrounded by industrial construction. The father of the home Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton) is a hard honest worker running the family tow truck business with his son Steve (Anthony Simcoe), while the mother Sal (Anne Tenney) is a grocery buyer who enjoys the arts and crafts. The eldest son Wayne (Wayne Hope) is in prison for armed robbery, the daughter Tracey (Sophie Lee) is newly married to Con (Eric Bana), and the youngest Dale (Stephen Curry) is the narrator of the story.

One day, the Kerrigan household is informed that his family need to vacate the house to make way for extensions of the airport, as well as the rest of the neighbours in the street. They all refuse to budge, but it is still forced upon them that they have no choice. So Darryl takes it upon himself and a small time simple Lawyer Denis Denuto (Tiriel Mora) to go to court and claim that his home is his Castle, which falls upon deaf ears. While fighting for the family home, the Kerrigans continue to enjoy the simple things in life – continuous searching for a bargain in the Trading Post, family trips to Bonnie Doon, greyhound racing, and the simple family meal at the dinner table. But they refuse to give up the fight until the Kerrigans claim what’s rightfully theirs.

On a $750,000 budget and raking in $10 million dollars at the box office, The Castle is an iconic masterpiece which after 20 years, is a household name in any Australian home.

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