Podcast: Tony Johnston

He’s conquered Children’s TV, Rock music and the Great Outdoors – but can Tony Johnston conquer our podcast?

The answer is – yes.

Multi-tasker, Television Presenter, World Traveller, Radio Host and Podcaster extraordinaire Tony Johnston has been part of the Australian entertainment landscape for over 25 years.

From his humble beginnings working behind the counter at a McDonald’s restaurant and auditioning for presenting roles in between, Tony Johnston has climbed the ladder of Australian media. Tony has worked as a radio announcer along the East Coast of Australia, creating magazine-style stories and hosting children’s game shows, and travelled the world on Channel 7’s dime.

Now based in Switzerland, Johnston is a gun – producing content for radio and podcasts for multi-million dollar companies, in order to deliver unique stories and substance that everyone secretly thrives on that keeps the world turning.

Important links:

Official site: TonyJohnston.TV

Twitter: @JohnstonTony




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He thrives on all this Australian music, TV, radio, movies, and other things that created our way of Australian life.
He has a soft spot for Australian comedy, novelty music, and a DVD collection that he treasures like no tomorrow.