Watch: Sons and Daughters

Family is unintentionally closer than you think in this 1980s soap opera.

From 1982 to 1987, Channel 7 broadcasted the TV soap Sons and Daughters to a primetime Australian audience.

Starring Ally Fowler, Peter Phelps and Rowena Wallace, the series begins with a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tale of two families that are basically polar opposite in lifestyle and fortune. John Palmer (Phelps) is on the run from a crime he did not commit, and crosses paths with a wealthy young woman Angela Hamilton (Fowler). They eventually fall in love, but as their families and adventures collide and evolve, their relationship isn’t as what it is cracked up to be.

Sons and Daughters also made Wallace a household name with her character Patricia, who became more sinister and selfish that “Pat The Rat” became iconic.

Produced by Grundy Television, 972 episodes were created over 6 seasons, winning a Logie Award in 1983 for Most Popular Australian Drama, as well as Wallace winning Most Popular Lead Actress (1983), Most Popular Actress (1984), Best Actress in a Series (1984) and Best Lead Actress in a Series (1985). In 1982, Actor Stephen Comey won Most Popular New Talent.

While there are 2 Best Of DVDs released by Umbrella Entertainment, but nothing else is commercially available, other than repeat screenings on Channel 7 and 7Two. But thanks to the glory of the internet, most – if not, all – episodes are available on YouTube.





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