Podcast: Legacy of Lucky Grills

We look at the legacy that the stand-up comedian-turned-TV detective left behind on Australian screens. With added dim-sims.

You may know him as Dt. Sgt. Bluey Hills from the 1976 Channel 7 drama Bluey, or the re-dubbed version appearing in 1993’s The Late Show as Dt. Sgt. Bargearse (as voiced by Tony Martin).

But before the television credits, Lucky Grills was a fine stand-up comedian, popping up at small to large comedy venues across Australia, belting out the one-liners and naughty schtick.

He entertained audiences from near and far, while bringing up a family at the same time. So successful was Grills, in 2000 he was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for his services in the Entertainment and Arts industry, as well as an Order of Australia Medal the following year for his charity work.

Grills passed away at 79 years of age on July 27, 2007 from natural causes. Only less than 24 hours beforehand, he was still working on stage to the adoring public, with no sign of health issues.

Here at Oztalgia, we are celebrating his fine work, 10 years on from his passing. And what better way to do that, then to chat to someone who was close to him – his daughter Shanra Grills.

Cheat notes

Bluey: The Complete Series – Crawfords DVD

Bargearse: iTunes




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